Living a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously ill. It leaves you fit , energetic , and at reduced risk for disease , base on the choices you make about your daily habits.


We are the one who only can take care to ourselves. Healthy choices will lead us to a healthy living and to have a long life. Being healthy is not just about on what we eat , its all about how we treat our body , meaning what we put into it.


Having a healthy lifestyle is what you make it.


As we look in this picture it can simply say to us what to do to achieve a healthy lifestyle. To lead this kind of lifestyle we need to be motivated , get active each day do atleast 2 physical activity in a week. Start eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and choose water as your drinks , specially avoid oily and fatty foods , its not good to our health. We can also take vitamins and other organic supplements.

“Most people think being healthy is an expensive and difficult lifestyle. It is really not much different or much more expensive than the way that most people live now.”

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