Fashion Lifestyle


Can you live without fashion?

Do you love fashion?

Are you aware with the trends?

 Yes , fashion is essential for us. Fashion is important for many reasons, including being a form of personal identity. Fashion lets people express style and personality. It also enables people to display personality and personal preferences.

Nowadays teens are very IN when it comes to fashion. They are updated with the trends,na di naman talaga papahuli. Feeling comfortable in certain clothing or fashion pieces also helps to boost confidence and self-esteem, so fashion has a large influence on society in most areas of the world, and trends are usually established through advertising and known bloggers.



I just like to feature her here in my blog because she inspire me when it comes to fashion , photography , flatlays , and especially her super ultimate goal blog.

Ida is a 22 year old girl who’s all about digital art (read: photography, cinematography, graphic design, web design), fashion, and soulful chill electronic music. She hails from Mindanao but has since moved to Manila starting her first grade in school. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication from De La Salle University.

Ida enjoys long walks in the mall, has a thing for skincare products and make up with cute packaging and copes with stress by either watching movies while eating popcorn and vanilla ice cream or playing video games all day. Also, she is the #girlboss of three little brothers.

Check out her blog , you’ll learn a lot about having a good taste with fashion.

I hope this blog helped you to know more about Fashion Lifestyle! Thank you for reading!

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